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The Sexiest WC on Earth, Lisbon

Challenging the conventional notion of what a public restroom should be, The Sexiest WC on Earth is a new concept bathroom designed by Renova, located in Lisbon at Terreiro do Paço square, the beautiful piazza open towards the Tagus river.

Simultaneously a design and gift shop, a place with creative music ambiance, design and art combines to offer a unique ambient of comfort, joy and wellbeing.

The Sexiest WC on Earth offers the perfect balance between the private and common areas. Literally, the common area is a transparent territory with an exclusive community washbasin.

Guests are invited to select the colour of their own toilet roll from the wall display at access corridor and insulated individual cabinets, seamlessly cleaned, work as a shell or cocoon, with walls covered by 1000’s of pieces of wood.

How social can a public restroom be? You will have your own answer. First, your visit at our restroom is welcomed.