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Multi Pack

Renova Christmas Pack

Exclusive selection of Renova products for a joyful Christmas, with everything you need to make your Holiday all the more exciting.

Surprise family and friends with: 

- Illustrated toilet rolls
- Red toilet paper
- Illustrated paper towels
- Red paper towels
- Red paper napkins
- Illustrated paper napkins
- Red and white facial tissues

Limited stock. Free delivery available for Continental Portugal and Peninsular Spain.

Check the Pack's details below. 

Renova Christmas Pack

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29.90 €


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The Renova Christmas Pack includes:

- 27 toilet paper rolls with joyful Christmas illustrations
- 2 rolls of perfumed red toilet paper
- 6 rolls of Christmas-illustrated paper towels
- 2 supersize rolls of red paper towels
- 80 red paper napkins, special texture
- 2 packs of paper napkins with merry Christmas designs, 20 units each pack
- 2 boxes with 80 red facial tissues, white in one side