RENOVA Made by You - Terms and Conditions


- You will order one or more packs with 20 printed napkins, white paper base, 3 ply. 33x33cm (13x13in) open napkin.

- Your image(s) will be printed with aqua based, non-toxic inks.

- The maximum print area of each image is 10x10cm (3,93x3,93in), front and back face of the napkin, if desired.

- Printing quality will depend on the quality of the original uploaded images.

- As we are printing on tissue paper, printing quality will not be directly comparable to photo quality paper or standard printing paper.

- Your images will be archived and kept for 12 months. If you place a new order for the same product, a new 12 month period will restart.

- Your order will be confirmed through your payment.

- Your order will be shipped during the next working day (Monday to Friday).

- Renova ensures that all intellectual property submitted by the client (images, texts, designs, patterns…) will be respected, kept confidential and will not have any unauthorized uses.

- The contents uploaded for print are of the exclusive responsibility of the client. Renova will not be responsible for any actions following the print of non-authorized, offensive or otherwise abusive materials uploaded by clients.

- The client is personally and directly responsible for any damages caused to Renova or any other third parties resulting from the illegitimate use of images, texts or other elements in our printed napkins.

- Renova reserves the right not to print any given creativity on its paper napkins without having to justify its decision. Clients will be immediately reimbursing of any money already paid.

For any information concerning your orders please contact us.